Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Services

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In addition to the standard protein identification service, custom analyses can be performed. This may include such techniques as:

  • 2D-LC-MS/MS for fractionation and analysis of high-complexity samples
  • Quantitative analysis of SILAC, iTRAQ, or ICAT labeled samples
  • ETD and HCD fragmentation for enhanced analysis of PTMs
  • syringe infusion nanospray or electrospray ionization and MS/MS
  • ZipTip
  • Custom protein digest methods
  • Customized data analysis using Mascot or Scaffold

Pricing is available upon request. All customized work must be approved by the facility manager. Please contact us to discuss your research needs // 1-613-798-5555 x73455. . 1-613-798-5555 x73455