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Clinical trials offer strong foundation for better patient care
May 16, 2019
Clinical trials are an important step toward developing new treatments and learning more about diseases and conditions. In honour...

Guidelines can help patients avoid unnecessary blood transfusions
Apr 15, 2019
Dr. Dean Fergusson played a lead role in an important set of guidelines for patient blood management published in JAMA.

Clinicians at The Ottawa Hospital launch 14 innovative projects to improve health-care delivery, thanks to funding from TOHAMO and The Ottawa Hospital’s Research Institute
Mar 22, 2019
The Ottawa Hospital Academic Medical Organization (TOHAMO) has awarded $1.169 million in Innovation Grants to 14 teams, with supporting...

World’s largest transfusion study in cardiac surgery changes practice globally
Sep 18, 2018
A massive study led Drs. Dean Fergusson, David Mazer and Richard Whitlock found that using lower hemoglobin thresholds to transfuse...

Stem cells for septic shock: world-first trial establishes safety, sets stage for larger trial
Nov 2, 2017
Stem cells are usually thought of as the building blocks of the body – able to give rise to all our cells and organs. But Dr. Lauralyn...

Does this liver surgery patient need a blood transfusion? New tool can help doctors decide
Sep 21, 2017
Health care providers now have a new tool to help decide whether a liver surgery patient needs a blood transfusion, thanks to a...

New treatment for our sickest patients comes closer to reality
Jun 30, 2017
The Ottawa Hospital was one of the top sites for enrolling patients in an international clinical trial of a promising new treatment...

The Ottawa Hospital awarded 18 research grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, worth $10.7 million
May 19, 2017
Eighteen research groups at The Ottawa Hospital, affiliated with the University of Ottawa, have been awarded nearly $11 million in...

Cord blood therapies: researchers to separate hope from hype thanks to $100,000 grant
May 4, 2017
Stem cell therapies based on umbilical cord blood hold significant promise, but few have been scientifically proven. Dr. David...

Access to kidney transplants unequal across Ontario: study
Jan 9, 2017
A study published in the American Journal of Transplantation found that chronic dialysis patients in Ontario have unequal access...