Ottawa Methods Centre (OMC)


The OMC provides professional research services to the highest level of scientific integrity and ethical standards; every project receives the benefit of our team's expertise.

For unfunded work, priority will be given to those who are utilizing OMC services to prepare grant applications, initiate pilot studies for future funding opportunities, or working on manuscripts for publication. Researchers who wish to access OMC services to support grant submissions or funding proposals will be asked to reimburse service costs through the grant should it be successfully awarded. All other requests for OMC support will be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the amount of support required.

Members, residents, and trainees from the Departments of Medicine, Surgery, and Otolaryngology are entitled to some services at no charge. For unfunded projects, these services can include methodological consultation, statistical support at the project development phase, advice on data collection options, guidance on how to run statistical analysis, and statistical services. Please connect with Julia Chehaiber, OMC Senior Operations Manager,, to confirm eligibility and exact coverage levels.

For funded work, the OMC provides services on a fee-for-service basis. For information on fees, please refer to the "How to Access the Methods Centre Services" section at the bottom of this page.

For each project, the OMC will provide an estimate to complete the necessary services. Estimates can be quite variable and often reflect only a minimum – managing project scope will be agreed upon as early as possible.

Authorship is independent of the cost recovery nature for all services provided by the OMC and should be determined on the basis of intellectual contribution. Many journals now have strict criteria for authorship. These should be consulted when such decisions are made.

How to access the Methods Centre Services
The OMC offers a free initial consultation, after which arrangements for continuing support must be made. Fees charged will depend on the category of the project, expertise required, time limitations, and available resources. Fees will be discussed during the initial consultation.

Please select a service below to learn more and to book a consultation.