Ottawa Methods Centre (OMC)

About Us

2003: a survey of physicians/scientists identified ‘lack of methodological resources’ as a primary barrier to advancing clinical research at The Ottawa Hospital

This led to a formal plan that was initiated to create the Ottawa Methods Centre (OMC) as a sub-unit of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute to be centered within the Clinical Epidemiology Program (CEP)

2006: the “Ottawa Methods Centre” (OMC) was officially launched

Operates primarily on a cost recovery model (staff track time spent on various service contracts or grant-funded projects)

50 +Scientists & research support staff are supported by OMC

Our Mandate

Investigator-driven clinical research is a key element in modern health care systems to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, bringing tremendous benefits to patients and society. OMC exists to promote and facilitate methodological excellence in clinical research at The Ottawa Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Canada. Created in 2006, OMC is an initiative of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute centred within the Clinical Epidemiology Program.

Ottawa Methods Center scientists are internationally recognized for their contributions to clinical trial methodology, knowledge synthesis, data management and statistics. The availability of the OMC to provide expertise and support to health professionals and researchers at all stages of a research project has been instrumental in the recognition of The Ottawa Hospital as one of the leading centers for clinical research in Canada. The OMC supports over 50 positions (scientists, and research support staff; both funded and affiliated) and operates primarily on a fee for service basis.