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Contact Information

Ran Klein, PhD


Ran Klein

Clinician Investigator, Clinical Epidemiology Program
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Imaging Physicist, Nuclear Medicine
The Ottawa Hospital
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
University of Ottawa
Adjunct Professor, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering
Carleton University
Adjunct Professor, Department of Physics
Carleton University

Research Interests

Medical imaging with the a focus on:
  • Quantification of physiologic function using dynamic imaging
  • Motion detection and correction
  • Image perception
  • Novel biomarkers

Brief Biography

Ran Klein is the imaging physicist at The Ottawa Hospital, Department of Nuclear Medicine. He was previously manager of the Cardiac Imaging Core Lab at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, National Cardiac PET Centre. His research is focused on extracting quantitative physiologic information from medical images. In particular Ran has worked on quantification of myocardial blood flow using rubidium-82 positron emission tomography (PET). His research has resulted in commercially available software for image analysis (FlowQuant©). Ran’s work on an automated rubidium-82 infusion system is currently being commercialized by Jubilant-DraxImage. Ran obtained his PhD (2010) and MASc (2005) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ottawa, and has been conducting research at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute since 2001. He is an assistant professor at the University of Ottawa, Department of Medicine and is adjunct professor at Carleton University, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering.

Selected Publications

  1. Ocneanu A*, deKemp R, Renaud JM, Adler A, Beanlands RSB, Klein R, Optimally repeatable kinetic model variant for myocardial blood flow measurements with 82Rb PET. Computational and Mathematical Methods in Nuclear Medicine, 2017: 6810626, 11 pages.
  2. Klein R, Ocneanu A*, Renaud JM, Ziadi MC, Beanlands RSB, deKemp RA, Consistent tracer administration profile improves test-retest repeatability of myocardial blood flow quantification with 82Rb dynamic PET imaging, J Nucl Cardiol, [In press].
  3. Gabrani-Juma H*, Clarkin OJ, Pourmoghaddas A, Driscoll B, Wells RG, deKemp RA, Klein R, Validation of a multimodality flow phantom and its application for assessment of dynamic SPECT and PET technologies, IEEE-Trans Med Imag, 2017;36(1):132-41.
  4. Hunter CRRN, Klein R, Beanlands RS, deKemp RA, Patient Body Motion Effects on the Quantification of Regional Myocardial Blood Flow with Dynamic PET Imaging, Med Phys, 2016;43(4):1829-40.
  5. deKemp RA, Renaud JM, Klein R, Beanlands RS, Radionuclide tracers for myocardial perfusion imaging and blood flow quantification. Cardiol Clinics, 2016;34(1):37-46.
  6. Wells RG, Timmins R, Klein R, Lockwood J, Marvin B, deKemp RA, Wei L, Ruddy TD, Dynamic SPECT measurement of absolute myocardial blood flow in a porcine model, J Nucl Med, 2014;55(10):1685-91.
  7. Klein R, Hung G-U, Wu T-C, Li D, deKemp RA, Hsu B, Feasibility and Operator Variability of Myocardial Blood Flow and Reserve Measurements with 99mTc-Sestamibi Quantitative Dynamic SPECT-CT Imaging. J. Nucl. Cardiol., 2014;21(6):1075-88.
  8. Klein R, Beanlands RS, Wassenaar RW, Thorn S, Lamoureux M, DaSilva JN, Adler A, deKemp RA, Kinetic model based factor analysis of dynamic sequences of cardiac positron emission tomography. Med. Phys., 2010;37(8):3995-4010.
  9. Klein R, Adler A, Beanlands RS, deKemp RA, Precision-controlled elution of a 82Sr/82Rb generator for cardiac perfusion imaging with positron emission tomography. Phys. Med. Biol., 2007;52(3):659-673.

Diseases, conditions and populations of interest

Cancer; Heart disease; Vascular, heart and metabolic disease

Research and clinical approaches

Basic research; Biomarkers; Clinical decision rules; Health technology; Imaging; Imaging