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Christian Vaillancourt, MD, MSc, FRCPC, CSPQ
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Senior Clinical Research Associate:
Manya Charette
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Made-in-Ottawa rule helps patients with neck injuries in the emergency department
October 17, 2018 - A study led by Dr. Ian Stiell found that triage nurses in the emergency department can safely use a made-in-Ottawa rule to make wait times shorter and more comfortable for patients who have neck pain after a fall or car collision.
Not sure if you can give good CPR? New data shows you probably can
August 7, 2018 - Bystanders who come to the aid of someone whose heart has stopped are performing high-quality CPR that consistently meets the latest guidelines, according to a study led by Drs. Shannon Fernando, Christian Vaillancourt and Ian Stiell.
Top Research Papers from The Ottawa Hospital 2015-2017
June 7, 2018 - Did you know that researchers at The Ottawa Hospital publish an average of four new scientific papers every single day? Our research is advancing science and
$5.5 million to help save lives when the heart stops and standardize care for rapid heartbeat
March 9, 2018 - Two national projects led by Ottawa emergency medicine researchers received a total of $5.5 million from the Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada (CANet) and ma
Top medical journal recognizes practice-changing research at The Ottawa Hospital
January 13, 2016 - The New England Journal of Medicine, widely regarded as the top medical journal in the world, has recognized two research studies from The Ottawa Hospital
CPR by medics: Keep pumping or stop for rescue breathing?
November 26, 2015 - Traditionally, paramedics and firefighters have been taught to perform CPR in cycles of 30 seconds of chest compressions, followed by an interruption for two rescue breaths. However, in recent years, animal studies and observational human studies ha
$1.5M grant could improve care for trauma patients and save $10M per year
June 30, 2015 - Drs. Christian Vaillancourt and Ian Stiell ha