Cognitive Health in Multiple Sclerosis Research Lab

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Lisa Walker, PhD, C.Psych

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What We Do

Our lab studies cognitive health in individuals with multiple sclerosis.  We have an active grant-funded research program that evaluates various aspects of cognition in this population.  We have a particular interest in the following areas:
- longitudinal evaluation of cognition
- information processing speed
- cognitive fatigue
- the interaction between cognition and mood
- the relationship between cognition and both structural and functional neuroimaging variables
- cognitive effects of immunoablative hematopoietic stem cell transplant in MS
- cognitive effects of mesenchymal stem cell therapy
- methods of screening for cognitive impairment when comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation is not possible
- mindfulness and its relationship to cognition and wellness variables in MS

Our lab consists of a number of dedicated health professionals who are passionate about what we do.  It is our collective goal to improve the quality of life in those people with MS whom we serve.

Selected Publications

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