Cognitive Health in Multiple Sclerosis Research Lab

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Contact Information

Lisa Walker, PhD, C.Psych

Fax -613-737-8895

Lisa Walker

Clinician Investigator, Neuroscience Program
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
The Ottawa Hospital
Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Medicine
University of Ottawa
Clinical Professor, School of Psychology
University of Ottawa
Adjunct Research Professor, Department of Psychology and Institute of Cognitive Science
Carleton University

Research Interests

The overarching theme of my research program is the study of cognition in multiple sclerosis (MS). To that end, we are specifically interested in:
- longitudinal evaluation of cognition
- information processing speed
- cognitive fatigue
- the interaction between cognition and mood
- the relationship between cognition and both structural and functional neuroimaging variables
- cognitive effects of immunoablative hematopoietic stem cell transplant in MS
- cognitive effects of mesenchymal stem cell therapy
- methods of screening for cognitive impairment when comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation is not possible
- mindfulness and its relationship to cognition and wellness variables in MS

Brief Biography

Dr. Walker is a Clinical Neuropsychologist at the Ottawa Hospital with academic appointments at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, the University of Ottawa in both the Faculty of Medicine and School of Psychology, and Carleton University in the School of Psychology and the Institute of Cognitive Science. She was on the Executive of the endMS Québec-Ottawa Regional Research and Training Centre, is an Associate Member of the Heart and Stroke Foundation Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery, is on the Scientific Council for the University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute, and is a member of the Professional Advisory Group for the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. In addition to her clinical role she teaches and leads a funded research program on cognition in multiple sclerosis.

Selected Publications

Diseases, conditions and populations of interest

Brain and neuromuscular disease; Dementia; Dementia; Multiple sclerosis

Research and clinical approaches

Behaviour; Clinical research; Imaging; Psychology; Psychometrics; Rehabilitation