Cognitive Health in Multiple Sclerosis Research Lab

Lab Members

Dr. Walker is able to supervise students from the following programs:
- Psychology or Medicine at the University of Ottawa
- Psychology or Cognitive Science at Carleton University

If you are interested in working with Dr. Walker, please contact her at

Current Members

current member
Dr. Lisa Walker, C. Psych.
Clinical Neuropsychologist and Clinician Investigator
current member
Dr. Jason Berard, PhD.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Faculty of Medicine
University of Ottawa
current member
Tamanna Islam
Doctoral Student
Experimental Psychology
University of Ottawa
current member
Sanghamithra Ramani
Master's Student
Carleton University

Past lab members

Qaila Walji
Caitlin Walker
Christina Vaz
Leila Osman
Aaron Zambrana
Maha Abu-AlHawa
Roxana Barbu
Cathy Agyemang
Amy Cheng
Abby Eitzen
Maureen Karugia
Sara Atif
Alyssa Marck
Sarah Ghabrial
Chloe Slowikowski
Courtney Gardner
Louise Gresham
Suhena Khosla
Alyssa Lindsay-Brown