Thrombosis Research Group

Our Team


Senior Scientists: Dr. Phil Wells; Dr. Marc Rodger ; Dr. Grégoire Le Gal
Scientist: Dr. Marc Carrier
Associate Scientist: Dr. Esteban Gandara
Clinical Investigators
: Dr. Melissa Forgie; Dr. Dimitrios Scarvelis; Dr. Carol Gonsalves; Dr. Cathy Code; Dr. Alan Karovitch. 

Fellows: Thrombosis Fellows are physicians with specialist training who spend between 1 and 3 years in Ottawa receiving additional training to become experts in venous thrombosis.  Research fellows also receive education in research methods (clinical epidemiology) and actively participate in the design and conduct of clinical research related to thrombotic disease.

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Research Team Members

We have an expanding team composed of individuals from a variety of backgrounds.  Research staff members fall within four general categories.
Management and Administrative
Anne Marie Clement is the Senior Program Manager
Phone: 613 737-8899 ext. 73389

Clinical Research Coordinators
Many of the Thrombosis Research Coordinators are registered nurses; however, they come from a variety of backgrounds.  The coordinators are responsible for the day-to-day conduct of the program’s research and are the main point of contact for patients who are enrolled in our clinical trials and observational studies.
Multicentre Research Coordinators
These coordinators generally do not have direct contact with patients enrolled in our research studies.  Rather, they oversee the smooth operation of large projects that are being conducted at multiple Canadian or International sites.
Laboratory Technicians
Laboratory technicians work in the Ottawa Thrombosis Genetics Research Laboratory performing genetic and laboratory analyses and maintaining a bank of blood and DNA samples.


The VECTOR (VEnous thromboembolic Clinical Trials and Outcomes Research) Group consists of thrombosis experts from across Canada who collaborate on clinical research related to venous thromboembolic disease. Executive members are: Drs. Phil Wells, Marc Rodger and Marc Carrier ( Ottawa), Dr. Mike Kovacs ( London), Dr. Susan Kahn (Montreal), Dr. David Anderson ( Halifax), and Dr. Clive Kearon (Hamilton). VECTOR also includes a number of members who are young investigators or have more recently joined the network; Drs. Grégoire Le Gal and Esteban Gandara in Ottawa, Dr. Sudeep Shivakumar (Halifax), Drs. Alejandro Lazo-Langner and Martha Louzada (London) and Drs. Vicky Tagalakis, Andrew Hirsch and Mark Blostein (Montreal). VECTOR has been very successful at diverse research endeavours including clinical trials, population-based studies, meta-analyses, observational research, economic analyses, development/validation of clinical decision rules and genetic studies. This multicentre research partnership provides the advantages of sharing knowledge and expertise and allowing for study recruitment at multiple sites. The VECTOR investigators have also established collaborative research relationships with other investigators from various fields and with other thrombosis researchers in Canada, the United States, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy and the United Kingdom.