Centre for Rehabilitation Research & Development

About Us

Vision: The pursuit of excellence in rehabilitation research and development

The Centre for Rehabilitation Research and Development (CRRD) of The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre (TOHRC) is a part of the Clinical Epidemiology Program of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. The Centre was created to foster rehabilitation-specific research and facilitate the development of research partnerships and networking activities with a focus on the clinical and practical application to rehabilitation services. Locally, CRRD coordinates research efforts at TOHRC itself, managing everything from large longitudinal projects to program evaluation initiatives, grant applications and quality improvement reports. Nationally and internationally, CRRD researchers have collaborated with other facilities on numerous specific projects and many of our researchers are recognized as leaders in their fields of expertise.


  • To conduct clinical and community research with high relevance to The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre (TOHRC) and the broader rehabilitation community.
  • To provide advice on and assistance with research methodology and data analysis/interpretation to TOHRC staff engaged in research, program evaluation and best practice review and implementation.
  • To conduct research on, develop and oversee knowledge transfer within TOHRC for best practice.
  • To develop, plan and oversee networking activities at the regional and national levels to enhance knowledge dissemination.
  • To exchange knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the international rehabilitation community.
  • To leverage the expertise, products and services of CRRD/TOHRC to generate revenue to support research and development activities and initiatives.
  • To develop and research new technologies that improve the lives of persons with rehabilitation needs.