Patient-Oriented Research at The Ottawa Hospital

The Ottawa Hospital is leading the way in this emerging practice. OPERA provides an Ottawa-based research and clinical collaboration to promote communication between key stakeholders in health research. The OPERA office is the first of its kind in Canada with an explicit mandate to promote and support local patient-oriented research and patient engagement in both the basic and translational research.

We actively work with and support patients, families, and caregivers, research teams, and knowledge users to:

  • Identify and develop research questions to be studied
  • Define characteristics of study participants
  • Develop outcomes that are in line with patient and stakeholder priorities
  • Draft or revise study materials and protocols
  • Participate in the evaluation of patient and stakeholder engagement
  • Identify partner organizations for dissemination
  • Identify opportunities to present or share information

Below are recent examples of patient-oriented research conducted at The Ottawa Hospital:

Making CAR T Therapies More Accessible
January 2, 2024 - “Our study shows there is room for CAR T therapy in the market. We further show that Canadian-made CAR T therapy could be cost-effective and has a much better chance of being funded than existing commercial CAR T therapies.”
Exercise before surgery? This cancer survivor is a believer
April 4, 2023 - Find out why he credits a “prehab” study for his quick recovery
Moving the needle forward on sepsis research with a world-first clinical trial
March 16, 2023 - The search for the silver bullet for sepsis has been decades in the making. However, The Ottawa Hospital is taking a big step forward in the next phase of a world-first clinical trial using stem cells in patients with septic shock.
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