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Contact Information

Jeremy Grimshaw, MBCHB, PHD

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
501 Smyth Road, Box 711
Ottawa, ON K1H 8L6

Research Administrative Assistant:
Veronique Perreault
Telephone: 613-737-8899
Extension: 73810

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Jeremy Grimshaw

Senior Scientist, Clinical Epidemiology Program
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Full Professor, Department of Medicine
University of Ottawa
Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Health Knowledge Transfer and Uptake, (2002-2022)
President of the Board of the Campbell Collaboration
Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences
Corresponding Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
Member of the Centre for Implementation Research
Recipient of the 2018 CIHR Barer-Flood Prize
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Research Interests

Knowledge Translation
Behaviour medicine
Professional behaviour change
Implementation research
Cluster randomized trials
Systematic reviews
The Audit &Feedback MetaLab

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Brief Biography

Dr Jeremy Grimshaw received a MBChB from the University of Edinburgh and trained as a general practitioner prior to undertaking a PhD in health services research at the University of Aberdeen. He moved to Canada in 2002. His research focuses on the evaluation of interventions to disseminate and implement evidence-based practice. Dr. Grimshaw is a Senior Scientist, Clinical Epidemiology Program, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, a Full Professor in the Department of Medicine, University of Ottawa and a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Health Knowledge Transfer and Uptake. He is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, the Royal Society of Canada and a Corresponding Fellow of the Royal College of Edinburgh. He has been awarded the CIHR Knowledge Translation award twice and is the 2018 CIHR Barer-Flood career achievement award for Health Services and Policy Research. He has over 600 peer reviewed publications. Dr. Grimshaw is currently an Ireland Canada University Foundation Visiting Professor at NUI in Galway until the end of April 2020.

Selected Publications

Rogers Van Katwyk, S., Grimshaw, J. M., Nkangu, M., Mendelson, M., Taljaard, M. and Hoffman, S. J. (2020). Study reporting quality among interventions to reduce antibiotic use is a barrier to evidence-informed policymaking on antimicrobial resistance: systematic review. J Antimicrob Chemother. Zavalkoff, S., Shemie, S. D.,

Grimshaw, J. M., Chasse, M., Squires, J. E., Linklater, S., Appleby, A., Hartell, D., Lalani, J., Lotherington, K., et al. (2019). Potential organ donor identification and system accountability: expert guidance from a Canadian consensus conference. Can J Anaesth 66(4): 432-447. 

Wolfenden, L., Bolsewicz, K., Grady, A., McCrabb, S., Kingsland, M., Wiggers, J., Bauman, A., Wyse, R., Nathan, N., Sutherland, R., et al. (2019). Optimisation: defining and exploring a concept to enhance the impact of public health initiatives. Health Res Policy Syst 17(1): 108. 

Votova, K., Laberge, A. M., Grimshaw, J. M. and Wilson, B. (2019). Implementation science as a leadership capability to improve patient outcomes and value in healthcare. Healthc Manage Forum 32(6): 307-312. 

Vaisson, G., Witteman, H. O., Chipenda-Dansokho, S., Saragosa, M., Bouck, Z., Bravo, C. A., Desveaux, L., Llovet, D., Presseau, J., Taljaard, M., et al. (2019). Testing e-mail content to encourage physicians to access an audit and feedback tool: a factorial randomized experiment. Curr Oncol 26(3): 205-216. 

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