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COVID-19 research moving at ‘lightning speed’, thanks to generous community support
May 8, 2020 - Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital are working around the clock to advance more than 50 potentially life-saving research projects to support the world-wide effort to find better ways to treat and prevent COVID-19. Now, nine of these projects have bee
Patient engagement in health research: 10 tips from people with lived experience
February 25, 2020 - Individuals with lived experience who worked with Dr. Simon Hatcher’s team on suicide prevention research developed a list of 10 recommendations for researchers based on their experiences. The comic format uses scenarios to make these recommendations
How a lung cancer survivor advocate is helping advance research that will lead to early detection
February 7, 2020 - In September of 2013, Jill Hamer-Wilson caught something many of us tend to catch this time of year – a cold. While the cold eventually went away, a cough remained, and lingered for quite some time. Little did Jill know that this was an early sign of
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Name Scientific appointment Diseases, conditions and populations of interest Research and clinical approaches
Fergusson, Dean
Program Director and
Senior Scientist
(Clinical Epidemiology)
Cancer, COVID-19, Kidney disease, Septic shock, Vascular, heart and metabolic disease Clinical trials, Health services research, Health technology, Patient engagement, Pragmatic trials, Surveys, Translational research, Biostatistics, Clinical research, Cluster randomized trials, Cohort studies, Critical care, Health research methods, Qualitative methods, Quality Improvement, Systematic reviews, Transfusions
Lalu, Manoj
Associate Scientist
(Clinical Epidemiology)
Blood cancer, COVID-19, Heart disease, Stroke, Vascular, heart and metabolic disease Basic research, Cell therapy, Clinical research, Clinical trials, Disease models, Health research methods, Model organisms, Patient engagement, Regenerative medicine, Stem cells, Translational research
Pakhale, Smita
MD, FRCPC, MSc (Epi & Biostat)
(Clinical Epidemiology)
COVID-19, First Nations, Inuit and Métis Health, Health equity, Health in disadvantaged peoples, Lung disease, Sickle cell anemia Clinical research, Clinical trials, Cohort studies, Epidemiology, Health economics, Health promotion, Health services research, Patient engagement, Pragmatic trials, Public health, Quality Improvement
Presseau, Justin
(Clinical Epidemiology)
COVID-19 Patient engagement, Psychometrics, Qualitative methods, Quality Improvement, Behaviour, Psychology, Health professional behaviour change, Knowledge translation and implementation research, Health promotion, Cluster randomized trials, Surveys