Laboratory Services

Illumina Next Generation Sequencing Facility

  • Genomic (re)sequencing
  • Whole-transcriptome analysis
  • Small RNA, miRNA, non-coding RNA
  • Analysis of transcription factor binding
  • Epigenetic modifications present at specific genomic loci through the use of ChIP-seq technology

10x Chromium Single Cell Solutions Facility

  • Single Cell 3’ RNA-Seq
  • Single Cell 3’ RNA-Seq for Cell Multiplexing
  • Single Cell Multiome ATAC+ GEX
  • Single Cell 3' RNA-Seq for CRISPR Screening
  • Visium Spatial Gene Expression
  • Single Cell Immune Profiling
  • Single Cell ATAC
  • Single Cell CNV

DNA Sequencing Facility

  • Fluorescent DNA sequencing of plasmids, PCR products, Phage, BAC, and Genomic DNA
  • Mutation Detection
  • SNP Analysis
  • Methylation Status Detection
  • Primer Walking Projects including Primer Design, Contig Assembly, and Consensus Sequence Generation
  • High Throughput DNA Sequencing Projects

Fragment Analysis and Nucleic Acid Quality Assurance

  • RNA quality check with RIN
  • DNA size and quantity