Centre for Transfusion Research

About Us

“Excellence in transfusion, transplantation and resuscitation medicine research”

The Ottawa Hospital Centre for Transfusion Research (CTR) initiates, designs and conducts national and international clinical research in transfusion, transplantation and resuscitation medicine through a talented, multidisciplinary network of local, national, and international researchers, a national training program in clinical research, and the mentorship of young clinician-scientists.

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The CTR conducts practice-changing research, in line with the strategic priorities of The Ottawa Hospital and its Research Institute as well as the University of Ottawa. The CTR is supported through an infrastructure grant from Canadian Blood Services, as well as through The Ottawa Hospital Foundation and other sources.

CTR’s purpose is to provide the necessary evidence to inform physicians, patients and health policymakers on optimal transfusion, transplantation and organ donation practice, and the use of transfusion alternatives and resuscitation fluids. This is achieved through the execution of thoughtful, carefully developed projects including systematic reviews, observational studies, randomized controlled trials and knowledge translation. Specifically, we build scientist-specific research programs using these essential evidence-based building blocks. This formula has led to publication of landmark studies in high impact journals in transfusion medicine including red cell transfusion triggers, leukoreduction, and the use of antifibrinolytics in cardiac surgery.

Our research is largely concentrated in the following areas:

  1. The influence of red blood cell (RBC) storage on clinical outcomes in adult and pediatric patients
  2. The use of frozen plasma and platelets as hemostatic agents
  3. The use of colloids as resuscitation fluids in early septic shock
  4. Blood conservation and alternative agents to RBC transfusion
  5. Knowledge translation in transfusion medicine
  6. Organ donation and transplantation

In each of these areas, we:

  1. Evaluate existing levels of evidence through systematic reviews
  2. Evaluate practice variation through surveys and other observational studies using primary data or administrative/clinical databases
  3. Examine the economic impact and health policy consequences of programs and policy decisions affecting the Canadian blood system.

Individual projects within each of these areas of research draws from the expertise of a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and practitioners.

CTR has been led by Dr. Alan Tinmouth since 2010. It was led by Dr. Dean Fergusson from 2005 to 2010.