Centre for Transfusion Research


The CTR has had a Clinical Research Fellowship in transfusion medicine since 2002, with Canadian Blood Services providing financial support since 2004. The program provides individuals with additional training in clinical research in transfusion medicine. Clinical Research Fellows are required to enroll in the Epidemiology and Community Medicine MSc Program at the University of Ottawa and receive formal training in epidemiology.

The program is open to physicians who have completed an accredited training program of the Royal College of Physicians or Surgeons of Canada, or an equivalent program. Fellows are expected to spend a significant proportion of their time during the fellowship on transfusion-related research projects, as part of course work, their thesis and/or additional research work.

In addition to continuing the current Research Fellowship Program the CTR plans to add a second stream for individuals not pursuing a MSc. in epidemiology. This stream will target individuals from specialties other than hematology and critical care.

The majority of the research projects for Fellows in the MSc. program will be related to their course work. Non-MSc. Fellows will be required to identify one or two major projects at the start of their Fellowship that they wish to complete during their time in the program. As appropriate, they will also be invited to participate in ongoing research projects.