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Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital awarded 19 CIHR grants worth more than $12 million
Jul 20, 2022
These projects will advance science and improve health in areas such as cancer, neuroscience, regenerative medicine, autism, Kabuki...

Infusing new life into blood transfusion research
Nov 15, 2021
Meet Dr. Dean Fergusson — winner of the Grimes Career Achievement Award

Making every blood transfusion count
Nov 12, 2021
Dr. Dean Fergusson is receiving The Ottawa Hospital’s Grimes Career Achievement Award for trailblazing research that is saving lives...

Hold the blood: world-first clinical trial could cut transfusions nearly in half for blood cancer patients
Sep 23, 2020
Regular red blood cell transfusions are a reality of life for many people with blood cancer. But now, a world-first clinical trial...

Could blood plasma shore up our COVID defenses?
Jun 5, 2020
A team led by Dr. Alan Tinmouth and Dr. Dean Fergusson is part of a collaboration aiming to settle the long-standing question of...

Clinical trial to test plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients as possible treatment
Apr 28, 2020
Researchers, clinicians and patients at The Ottawa Hospital will be contributing to the global effort to determine if plasma from...

Older blood just as good as fresh in critically ill children
Jan 10, 2020
A large international clinical trial conducted in critically ill children has shown that fresh red cell transfusions (stored for...

New research chair to lead cutting-edge work in liver and pancreatic cancer
Sep 10, 2019
The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Guillaume Martel as the first Arnie...

The Ottawa Hospital awarded 13 grants worth $11.2 million from Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Jul 26, 2019
Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital have been awarded 13 grants worth a total of $11.2 million from the Canadian Institutes of Health...

Clinical trials offer strong foundation for better patient care
May 16, 2019
Clinical trials are an important step toward developing new treatments and learning more about diseases and conditions. In honour...