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Fraser W. Scott, PhD

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Fraser W. Scott

Senior Scientist Emeritus, Chronic Disease Program
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Emeritus Professor, Medicine
University of Ottawa
Emeritus Senior Scientist, Chronic Disease Program
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

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Dr. Scott studied Chemistry at McGill University and received a PhD in Biochemistry from Queen’s University (Kingston) followed by postdoctoral training at the MacEachern Cancer Research Unit, University of Alberta.  He then joined the Nutrition Research Division of Health Canada as a Research Scientist.  In 1999, he joined the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute where he is a Senior Scientist in the Chronic Disease Program.  He is also a Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Ottawa. He has authored 135 scientific articles and presented more than 114 invited lectures.

In 2014, he received Earle W. Crampton Award for significant contributions to the field of nutrition based on "Outstanding accomplishments in the area of immunology and the gut microbiome, and their relation to the development of type 1 diabetes.” This is McGill University’s sole professional award for scholarship in the field of nutrition.

Dr. Scott is the recipient of the 2018 J. David Grimes Research Career Achievement Award which recognizes an OHRI scientist’s long-standing career, including internationally recognized scientific achievements and leadership at the local, national and international levels.  This award is in recognition of Dr. Scott's groundbreaking research over the years linking type 1 diabetes with dietary proteins and the gut immune system.  Dr. Scott retired on May 31, 2019.

Selected Publications

Dysregulated liver lipid metabolism and innate immunity associated with hepatic steatosis in neonatal BBdp rats and NOD mice. Serrano D, Crookshank JC, Morgan BS, Mueller RW, Paré M-F, Marandi L, Poussier P, Scott FW Scientific Reports 2019 Oct 10;9(1):14594.  PMID: 31601915

Changes in insulin, glucagon and ER stress precede immune activation in type 1 diabetes. Crookshank JA, Serrano D, Wang G-S, Patrick C, Morgan BS, Paré M-F, Scott FW Journal of Endocrinology August, 2018 PMID: 30139929

Where genes meet environment - Integrating the role of gut luminal contents, immunity and pancreas in type 1 diabetes. Scott FW, Pound LD, Patrick C, Eberhard C, Crookshank JA. Translational Research 179: 183-198, 2017 PMID: 27677687

Cathelicidin antimicrobial peptide: a novel regulator of islet function, islet regeneration and selected bacteria Pound LD, Patrick C, Eberhard C, Mottawea W, Wang GS, Abujamel T, Vandenbeek R, Stintzi A, Scott FW Diabetes 64:4135-47, 2015 PMID: 26370175

Jörns A, Arndt T, Vilsendorf AM, Klempnauer J, Wedekind D, Hedrich HJ, Marselli L, Marchetti P, Harada N, Nakaya Y, Wang GS, Scott FW, Gysemans C, Mathieu C, Lenzen S. Islet infiltration, immune cell activation and β-cell death in the NOD mouse, BB rat, Komeda rat, and LEW.1AR1-iddm rat in comparison with the pancreas of patients with type 1 diabetes. Diabetologia, 57:512-21 2014 PMID: 24310561

Patrick C, Wang GS, Lefebvre DE, Crookshank JA, Sonier B, Eberhard C, Mojibian M, Kennedy C, Brooks SPJ, Kalmokoff M, Maglio M, Troncone R, Poussier P, Scott FW. Promotion of autoimmune diabetes by cereal diet in the presence or absence of microbes associated with gut immune activation, regulatory imbalance and altered cathelicidin antimicrobial peptide. Diabetes 62:2036–2047, 2013  PMID: 23349499

Mojibian M, Chakir H, Lefebvre DE, Crookshank JA, Sonier B, Keely E, Scott FW. A diabetes-specific HLA-DR restricted pro-inflammatory T cell response to wheat polypeptides in tissue transglutaminase antibody negative patients with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes 58: 1789-1796, 2009 (Commentary, p. 1723) PMID: 19401421

MacFarlane AJ, Burghardt KM, Kelly J, Simell T, Simell O, Altosaar I, Scott FW A type 1 diabetes-related protein from wheat (Triticum aestivum): cDNA clone of a wheat storage globulin, Glb1, linked to islet damage J. Biol. Chem. 278:54-63, 2003 (Cover Article) PMID: 12409286

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