Regenerative Medicine Program


Powering up the body’s EVs
November 9, 2023 - Dr. Alvin Tieu is receiving the Worton Researcher in Training Award from The Ottawa Hospital for his multidisciplinary research on life-threatening lung diseases
Tiny Cells for Tiny Lungs
September 28, 2023 - “Stem cells used to be something that were grown in a petri dish. They are now game-changing therapies with live-saving potential for even the tiniest of patients.”
When the hangman isn't hanging: how cell death proteins might protect against ALS
August 18, 2023 - For more than 30 years, caspases have been known as tiny cellular executioners, just waiting for a signal to chop up a cell’s proteins and initiate what is known as “programmed cell death.”
Engineered lung tissue model reveals possible new treatment for lymphangioleiomyomatosis
July 12, 2023 - A research team led by Dr. Bill Stanford has discovered a new class of drugs that may be effective in treating lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM). This rare disease is characterized by abnormal cell growth in the lungs which can lead to severe ...
Start-up company raises $55M to fuel development of new therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy
June 8, 2023 - Satellos Bioscience, a start-up company founded by Dr. Michael Rudnicki, has closed $55 million in financing to support the development of its lead drug candidate for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
Novel stem cell drives ‘remarkable’ regeneration of tiny blood vessels in the lung
May 15, 2023 - Dr. Duncan Stewart’s team has identified a novel stem cell with a remarkable ability to regenerate and repair the tiny blood vessels in the lungs.
Molecule triggered by running could help with stroke recovery
April 18, 2023 - Research suggests that VGF plays a key role in healing the brain after stroke
Stem cell treatment banishes disease for MS patient
April 2, 2023 - John Chafe had a job in a bank with the goal of running it one day. But his plans were sidetracked by an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis (MS). In 2001, he became the second person in a world-first clinical trial of its kind that virtually ...
After 18 years with MS—“I really feel like I’m cured.”
April 2, 2023 - “It’s now 12 years since my stem cell transplant. I really feel like I’m cured,” said Heather Harris, who has no symptoms of the disease. She works full-time as a school principal, and is back to camping, skiing, running and driving a manual ...
First patient treated in world-first cell therapy trial to heal the lungs of preterm babies
March 23, 2023 - Researchers have treated the first patient in an innovative clinical trial of a cell therapy that aims to prevent very premature babies from developing a chronic lung disease called bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD). This is the first trial of its ...


March 9, 2023 -  Prenatal exposure to low doses of methylmercury causes autism-like behaviors in mice
March 1, 2023 -  ‘Cord blood cells are priceless for us’
February 16, 2023 -  How a chronic lung disease in preterm babies also affects the brain
February 3, 2023 -  Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital awarded 15 CIHR grants worth more than $8.4 million
February 1, 2023 -  ELEVATE seed grants to help researchers at The Ottawa Hospital develop better treatments and improve patient care
January 19, 2023 -  Clinical trial will test promising cell therapy for septic shock


December 14, 2022 -  Saviour siblings: surprising discovery reveals the staying power of stem cells from older brothers
November 2, 2022 -  Huge hope for our smallest patients
October 5, 2022 -  Research reveals novel mechanism controlling muscle stem cells
October 4, 2022 -  A conversation with stem cell pioneer Dr. Harold Atkins
September 14, 2022 -  Soccer skills and stem cell science- Meet Dr. Bernard Thébaud
September 1, 2022 -  MS stem cell transplant gives priceless second chance
August 4, 2022 -  Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring compound, awakens stem cells to repair damaged muscle
July 27, 2022 -  “Dream team” of researchers tackles leading cause of vision loss
July 21, 2022 -  Lab-grown “mini-kidneys” unlock secrets of a rare disease
July 20, 2022 -  Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital awarded 19 CIHR grants worth more than $12 million
July 13, 2022 -  Whole-body approach needed to treat neuromuscular disease SMA
June 22, 2022 -  Dr. Michael Rudnicki admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Society
May 12, 2022 -  Ottawa Hospital researchers awarded $1.85M from Stem Cell Network
April 28, 2022 -  Cancer cells break their own DNA to buy time to repair radiation damage
April 25, 2022 -  Meet brain and eye researcher Dr. Pierre Mattar
April 4, 2022 -  Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital awarded five grants for high risk, high reward and interdisciplinary research
March 30, 2022 -  Nano therapy for micro-preemies protects lungs, brain in lab study
February 17, 2022 -  Tiny particles hold promise for treating acute and chronic lung disease
February 5, 2022 -  Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital awarded 18 CIHR grants worth more than $11 million


November 15, 2021 -  From baseball stats wiz to game-changing epigenetic scientist
November 12, 2021 -  Supercharging stem cells
September 15, 2021 -  $2.4 M grant to help researchers develop gene and cell therapies for a leading cause of blindness
June 2, 2021 -  Research unravels links between fasting, lifespan and muscle stem cells
May 31, 2021 -  Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital awarded three grants for high risk, high reward and interdisciplinary research
May 25, 2021 -  Biotherapeutics: the future of medicine
May 12, 2021 -  Stem cells go ‘all in’ to repair damaged muscles
April 28, 2021 -  “Cell atlas” could shine light on lung problems in adults and premature babies
April 22, 2021 -  Experts on call: Stem cells, gene therapy and biotherapeutics
April 13, 2021 -  Grateful COVID-19 patient gives back by participating in research
February 17, 2021 -  Stem cell treatment for scleroderma improves quality of life
February 1, 2021 -  $1M investment fuels development of new therapies for Duchenne muscular dystrophy
January 27, 2021 -  Can a diabetes drug help repair damaged nerve insulation? Mouse study shows it might.


December 11, 2020 -  Dr. Eve Tsai and Dr. Adam Sachs work in very different ways to improve the lives of people with spinal cord injury
October 26, 2020 -  Gene therapy for deadly newborn lung disease shows promise in mice
July 10, 2020 -  Innovative clinical trial design breathes life into potential cell therapy for lung disease in preterm babies
June 25, 2020 -  The Ottawa Hospital awarded $4.7 million for COVID-19 research from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research
June 8, 2020 -  Using lab-grown human tissues to identify possible treatments
June 4, 2020 -  Creating a new mouse model to study COVID-19 lung disease
June 4, 2020 -  Studying the immune response of COVID-19 patients in the ICU
June 4, 2020 -  New mouse model to reveal insights into mild spinal muscular atrophy
June 4, 2020 -  Diabetes drug corrects some symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in mice
May 28, 2020 -  Experimental Stem Cell Therapy a Potential Weapon in COVID-19 Fight
May 21, 2020 -  COVID-19 research on cell therapy, drug screening and marginalized populations funded through Ontario’s Rapid Research Fund
May 14, 2020 -  Mysteries of cell fate unlocked with new measurement and modeling techniques
May 8, 2020 -  COVID-19 research moving at ‘lightning speed’, thanks to generous community support
April 29, 2020 -  Dr. Michael Rudnicki elected into the Royal Society
April 29, 2020 -  Researchers use lab-grown human tissues to understand secrets of COVID-19 infection, identify possible treatments
April 23, 2020 -  Harnessing stem cells and regenerative medicine to fight COVID-19
April 2, 2020 -  Researchers join the fight against COVID-19
March 4, 2020 -  Stem cells may heal lungs of premature babies
March 2, 2020 -  Could umbilical cord cell therapy help premature babies? Dr. Bernard Thébaud awarded $638,000 from Stem Cell Network for clinical trial
February 19, 2020 -  Cell therapy for premature babies: new lab study suggests wider treatment window may be possible
January 15, 2020 -  New method can help labs around the world grow stem cells more efficiently
January 10, 2020 -  Nothing to sniff at: Screening platform identifies drugs that could fight the common cold


October 22, 2019 -  How does a stem cell know what to be when it grows up?
October 2, 2019 -  Researchers reveal the circuitry regulating muscle stem cell function
September 10, 2019 -  Findings could improve quality of life for people with spinal muscular atrophy
July 26, 2019 -  The Ottawa Hospital awarded 13 grants worth $11.2 million from Canadian Institutes of Health Research
May 29, 2019 -  Researchers get $745,000 boost from NSERC
May 17, 2019 -  $950,000 to help develop stem cell treatments for septic shock, lung injury and muscle degeneration
May 16, 2019 -  Clinical trials offer strong foundation for better patient care
May 1, 2019 -  Precision medicine approach for leukemia awarded $1.5M
April 24, 2019 -  Scientist investigates how two gene mutations contribute to autism
March 29, 2019 -  Breakthrough reveals how a stem cell decides between two fates
March 15, 2019 -  3D gel helps researchers find potential drugs for lung cancer, other diseases
March 13, 2019 -  Autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation recommended as a standard of care for certain kinds of MS in the U.S.
February 14, 2019 -  Researchers to advance science and improve health with new CIHR funding
January 31, 2019 -  Discovery points to innovative new way to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy
January 30, 2019 -  Research shows how good heart growth turns bad


October 23, 2018 -  Dr. William Stanford has been named The Ottawa Hospital’s Chrétien Researcher of the Year for his work on blood cancer and other diseases
October 22, 2018 -  New drug combination destroys chemo-resistant blood cancer
October 10, 2018 -  Brain Health Awareness Week: October 15-19
September 25, 2018 -  Trainee receives Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Award
August 22, 2018 -  Chaos in the nucleus: research on eye cells could provide insight into degenerative diseases
August 16, 2018 -  Targeting cancer stem cells improves survival in certain kinds of colorectal cancer
August 16, 2018 -  Using stem cells to treat brain cancer: pilot study highlights potential new approach
August 8, 2018 -  Diabetes drug could enhance stem cell treatment for stroke
July 4, 2018 -  New scientist aims to harness stem cells to repair bone and cartilage
May 30, 2018 -  Patent brings possible new heart failure treatment closer to reality
May 30, 2018 -  Stem cell researchers tackle muscle weakness in older people
May 9, 2018 -  $870,000 to help develop stem cell treatments for septic shock, glaucoma, lung injury and muscle degeneration
May 9, 2018 -  New research could explain why cells grow out of control in rare lung disease
May 1, 2018 -  The Ottawa Hospital opens one-of-a-kind neuromuscular research centre
April 30, 2018 -  Experimental stem cell therapy tested for rare lung disease
April 20, 2018 -  Could a molecule triggered by running help treat MS?
April 19, 2018 -  Discovery provides “profound new insight” into Duchenne muscular dystrophy
April 11, 2018 -  Exosomes open up exciting new avenue of leukemia research
April 11, 2018 -  Can tiny bits of cells in the blood help track the progress of spinal muscular atrophy?
April 11, 2018 -  Could stem cells repair the heart, fight infections, mend premature lungs, and heal the brain after stroke?
March 19, 2018 -  Exploiting the Achilles’ heel of a severe form of childhood leukemia
February 14, 2018 -  Rejuvenating damaged newborn mouse lungs with stem cells
January 30, 2018 -  The Ottawa Hospital awarded $12.7M for research, double the national CIHR success rate


December 20, 2017 -  Stroke repair: study shows single pathway crucial for generating new stem cells, neurons and blood vessels
December 12, 2017 -  How a rubber chicken helped create a novel model of a rare lung disease
November 29, 2017 -  Pre-treated cells boost blood vessel repair
November 6, 2017 -  Bolstering fat cells offers new hope for treating blood cancer
November 2, 2017 -  Stem cells for septic shock: world-first trial establishes safety, sets stage for larger trial
October 26, 2017 -  Top trainee hopes his unexpected discovery may help children with spinal muscular atrophy
October 12, 2017 -  CFI provides $18-million boost to research on neuromuscular diseases, cancer-fighting viruses, the power of light and radioactive atoms
September 27, 2017 -  Ottawa neuromuscular researchers show global leadership
September 6, 2017 -  Ottawa scientist wins Canada's top stem cell prize for multiple sclerosis trial
August 24, 2017 -  Package delivery to boost repair of muscular dystrophy muscle
August 4, 2017 -  How to trick your heart into thinking you exercise: cardiotrophin improves heart health and repairs damage in lab models
July 20, 2017 -  Researchers turn back the clock to watch aging in fast forward
June 23, 2017 -  Rehabilitation researchers win national awards for work on stem cells, mobility
June 15, 2017 -  Researchers get $558K boost from Heart and Stroke Foundation
June 15, 2017 -  Could stem cells fight lung disease in our tiniest patients?
June 14, 2017 -  Big data breakthrough: award-winning research helps scientists understand cancer gene expression
June 2, 2017 -  Research on repairing MS damage gets $300,000 grant
May 25, 2017 -  Stem cells help newborn rats survive sepsis
May 25, 2017 -  Could stem cells heal premature lungs, fight infections, build muscles and strengthen bones?
May 19, 2017 -  The Ottawa Hospital awarded 18 research grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, worth $10.7 million
May 11, 2017 -  Sprott Centre for Stem Cell Research celebrates 10 years of discovery
May 4, 2017 -  Cord blood therapies: researchers to separate hope from hype thanks to $100,000 grant
March 9, 2017 -  The Ottawa Hospital welcomes new stem cell research report and alliance
February 1, 2017 -  Researchers investigate role of immune system in Spinal Muscular Atrophy
January 4, 2017 -  Information for patients: Chemo and blood stem cell transplantation for rare autoimmune diseases


December 7, 2016 -  Researchers use rigorous approach to establish the strength of lab data to inform stem cell clinical trial
November 30, 2016 -  Transplant frees scleroderma patient from excruciating pain and gives him back his hope for the future
November 23, 2016 -  Three Ottawa-led stem cell trials get $2.2 million boost
November 17, 2016 -  Stem cell procedure sends patients with severe myasthenia gravis into remission
November 16, 2016 -  When the body attacks itself, this researcher finds new solutions
November 2, 2016 -  Grant helps researcher investigate the mind’s puzzles
October 11, 2016 -  Running triggers production of a molecule that repairs the brain in animal models of neurodegenerative disease
October 11, 2016 -  $2-million project aims to bring personalized medicine to lung cancer care
September 21, 2016 -  Research helps unravel complex genetics of Spinal Muscular Atrophy
August 31, 2016 -  A how-to-kit for cells: $250K grant to map how stem cells become muscle and cartilage
August 17, 2016 -  Researchers find protein that keeps DNA from collapsing
August 10, 2016 -  $145,000 to help researchers investigate how the adult brain grows new cells
August 3, 2016 -  Genetic muscle-wasting disease follows different patterns depending on severity
July 27, 2016 -  $145,000 grant helps researchers investigate how newts regrow limbs and organs
July 13, 2016 -  $4.2M grant to advance development of next-generation regenerative therapies for vascular disease
July 6, 2016 -  $270,000 grant to help researchers discover if a heart-growth protein can halt some heart disease
June 15, 2016 -  Experimental treatment gave new life to P.E.I. mother
June 9, 2016 -  MS breakthrough: Replacing diseased immune system halts progression and allows repair
June 8, 2016 -  $1.35M grant helps researchers investigate how to get disoriented muscle stem cells back on track
May 25, 2016 -  Stem Cell Network receives $12M and launches three new funding programs
May 18, 2016 -  Stem Cells 101 brings Ottawa researchers together to answer questions from the public
May 4, 2016 -  Cardiovascular researchers get $1.2M boost from Heart and Stroke Foundation
April 26, 2016 -  Learning from the best: researchers study the placenta to learn how to build new blood vessels
April 25, 2016 -  Researchers find potential new treatment target for deadly brain cancer
April 19, 2016 -  Does Spinal Muscular Atrophy affect muscle stem cells? $140,000 grant to help researchers find out
April 12, 2016 -  Researchers find biological role for puzzling protein
April 7, 2016 -  Harness your own stem cells to heal shoulders: $1 million committed for Research Chair in Regenerative Orthopaedic Surgery
March 31, 2016 -  Man survives severe infection after participating in world-first stem cell trial at The Ottawa Hospital
March 23, 2016 -  Breakthroughs in biotherapeutics: Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital are developing new therapies that harness the power of stem cells and viruses to fight disease
March 17, 2016 -  Stem cell therapy rejuvenates old, brittle bones in osteoporosis model
March 2, 2016 -  Ottawa researchers find Achilles’ heel of a severe form of childhood leukemia
February 26, 2016 -  Muscle disease breakthrough fuels new hope for treatments
February 24, 2016 -  $670,000 grant supports research on two-pronged approach for degenerative retinal disease
February 10, 2016 -  $890,000 grant to help researchers understand the cell’s professional DNA organizers
February 10, 2016 -  Ottawa researchers answer patient questions about stroke and stem cells
February 3, 2016 -  $1M grant to help researchers unravel the secrets behind super-powered leukemia cells
January 27, 2016 -  Ottawa researchers identify the Mike Holmes of muscle stem cells
January 20, 2016 -  $800,000 grant helps researchers find bone marrow cancer’s weak spots
January 6, 2016 -  Diabetes drug promotes brain regeneration in multiple ways


December 16, 2015 -  Dr. Robin Parks awarded $790,000 from CIHR to study common cold virus
November 16, 2015 -  Ottawa researchers discover that Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a stem cell disease
October 14, 2015 -  Major advance in understanding muscle regeneration: Caspase 3 tackles Pax7 in a cellular game of Pac-Man
October 6, 2015 -  Dr. Jeffrey Dilworth awarded $2.3 million for muscle regeneration research
September 9, 2015 -  Rare nerve disease linked to problems in cellular waste recycling
August 21, 2015 -  New chair in spinal cord research brings hope for more first steps
August 19, 2015 -  Dr. Bernard Thébaud’s team receives $3.2 million to develop stem cell therapy for babies with lung disease
July 28, 2015 -  The Ottawa Hospital awarded $28M from Canadian Institutes of Health Research for 22 research projects
July 22, 2015 -  Regenerative medicine shows promise in acute kidney injury
July 20, 2015 -  Stem cell therapy shows promise in small clinical trial for rare lung disease
June 17, 2015 -  Government of Ontario provides $10M boost for regenerative and biological therapeutics research in Ottawa
June 17, 2015 -  Ottawa stroke researchers awarded nearly $500,000
May 31, 2015 -  Research at The Ottawa Hospital is making Ontario Healthier, Wealthier and Smarter
May 29, 2015 -  Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital, uOttawa and CHEO awarded $28.5M from the Canada Foundation for Innovation for research in regenerative medicine, neuroscience and other areas
May 22, 2015 -  BMO Announces $1 Million Donation to Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research
May 20, 2015 -  $700,000 grant to advance use of stem cells to study rare disease
April 20, 2015 -  Pancreatic cancer loses viral defences when talking with supporting cells
April 17, 2015 -  Ottawa stem cell scientist helps patients separate hope from hype
March 11, 2015 -  Could an oncolytic virus “melt” tumours?
January 29, 2015 -  The Ottawa Hospital leads first Canadian clinical trial of mesenchymal stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis
January 28, 2015 -  Tender Loving Research improving care for premature babies
January 28, 2015 -  Information for MS patients interested in stem cell therapy at The Ottawa Hospital


December 30, 2014 -  Novel regenerative therapy eases diabetes symptoms in mice
December 17, 2014 -  CIHR grant helping to unravel the epigenetic mysteries of muscle regeneration
October 22, 2014 -  Longstanding math problem solved by bioinformatics lead
August 25, 2014 -  Researchers in Ottawa achieve breakthrough with rare disease: Stem cells used to send “stiff person syndrome” into long-term remission
May 7, 2014 -  Epigenetic drug improves stem-cell therapy for blood vessel repair
April 14, 2014 -  Funding for research into Spinal muscular atrophy
April 14, 2014 -  Improving stem cell therapy for muscle disease
April 10, 2014 -  Sinclair Centre for Regenerative Medicine officially named
January 8, 2014 -  Promising lead in fight against deadly lung disease: microRNA linked to pulmonary arterial hypertension


December 30, 2013 -  Stem-cell pioneer named to Order of Canada
December 18, 2013 -  $1.7M to study rare but devastating muscular dystrophies
November 29, 2013 -  Ottawa scientists transform natural protein into possible muscle regeneration drug
November 9, 2013 -  The Ottawa Hospital fêtes three star researchers at annual Gala
October 7, 2013 -  New research sheds light on abnormal heart muscle thickening and potential treatment
September 24, 2013 -  Dr. Ronald Worton, Founding CEO of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, to be inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
September 5, 2013 -  First patient treated in groundbreaking stem cell therapy trial for heart attack
February 5, 2013 -  Fighting fat with fat: stem cell discovery identifies potential obesity treatment


December 4, 2012 -  5 big strides to fight lung disease in our tiniest patients
November 27, 2012 -  Protein injection points to muscular dystrophy treatment
November 17, 2012 -  The Ottawa Hospital’s Star Researchers Honoured at Annual Gala
May 30, 2012 -  Top stem cell scientist and pediatrician recruited to Ottawa
May 15, 2012 -  Mice with big brains provide insight into brain regeneration and developmental disorders
March 15, 2012 -  Ottawa researchers to lead world-first clinical trial of stem cell therapy for septic shock
March 6, 2012 -  New approach for treating genetic muscle wasting disease shows promise in mice
February 13, 2012 -  Top researchers gather in Ottawa to advance the development of stem cell therapies for cardiovascular disease


December 18, 2011 -  New research shows Wnt7a protein stimulates muscle growth and development in two unique ways
December 2, 2011 -  Novel embryonic stem cell technology to accelerate genetic research
November 5, 2011 -  The Ottawa Hospital Gala recognizes superstar researchers
October 11, 2011 -  Top stem cell scientist recruited to Ottawa
October 1, 2011 -  Two OHRI stem cell researchers among Top 25 People in Ottawa
July 20, 2011 -  Ottawa Hospital researchers awarded $4.8M from Ontario Research Fund to advance regenerative medicine and patient safety
June 8, 2011 -  Ottawa PhD student receives CIHR Synapse Mentorship Award
May 10, 2011 -  Dr. Duncan Stewart to Receive Biomedical Science Ambassador Award
April 12, 2011 -  Dr. Valerie Wallace is asking big question about the brain and the eye and opening up new avenues for the development of regenerative therapies
February 25, 2011 -  New Parkinson’s gene discovered


December 21, 2010 -  Ottawa discovery provides new insight into blood development and leukemia
November 1, 2010 -  New insight into heart muscle development
September 7, 2010 -  Genetic discovery could lead to new approaches to improve bone growth
August 25, 2010 -  Seeing the world with new eyes: Biosynthetic corneas restore vision in humans
July 12, 2010 -  Research in yeast suggests death proteins could also have protective role
June 30, 2010 -  Stem cell therapy may provide new approach to fight infection
May 28, 2010 -  Ontario invests $6.5M in regenerative medicine and cancer research in Ottawa
April 9, 2010 -  Dr. Duncan Stewart receives OCRI Research Award
March 15, 2010 -  Study opens new avenue for developing treatments for genetic muscle-wasting disease
February 15, 2010 -  Study suggests stem cells sabotage their own DNA to produce new tissues


November 20, 2009 -  Dr. Jeff Dilworth studies how stem cells turn genes on and off
October 27, 2009 -  Dr. Duncan Stewart receives cardiovascular research achievement award
August 5, 2009 -  Stem Cell Network profiles OHRI research commercialization opportunities
June 11, 2009 -  Ontario invests $18.5M in cancer and stem cell research at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and the University of Ottawa
June 4, 2009 -  Ottawa scientists discover new way to enhance stem cells to stimulate muscle regeneration
April 4, 2009 -  Changes at the International Regulome Consortium
March 4, 2009 -  $2.4 million to develop stem cell therapies to reverse blindness
February 22, 2009 -  OHRI stem cell transplant trial for multiple sclerosis profiled on national news
January 3, 2009 -  Turning research into medicine: Ottawa Citizen profiles OHRI CEO Dr. Duncan Stewart


November 16, 2008 -  Dr. Mark Freedman interviewed about experimental mesenchymal stem cell treatment for multiple sclerosis
September 3, 2008 -  OHRI researchers to discuss stem cell research at Weizmann Science Canada Forum
July 11, 2008 -  Stem cell transplant offers new hope to Crohn’s sufferer
June 19, 2008 -  Patients treated with novel regenerative therapy developed by Dr. Duncan Stewart
June 18, 2008 -  International Regulome Consortium continues to grow: Ottawa-led stem cell research group partners with Invitrogen
March 12, 2008 -  Vancouver Sun profiles patient in OHRI-led MS bone marrow stem cell transplant trial
January 21, 2008 -  The National features OHRI bone marrow stem cell transplant trial for MS


December 15, 2007 -  OHRI researchers recognized for dystonia research
December 9, 2007 -  Sprott Centre researchers reveal the functioning of a genetic switch that plays crucial role in muscle stem cells
November 16, 2007 -  Dr. May Griffith’s artificial cornea promises to address the worldwide shortage of human donor tissue
June 20, 2007 -  New research identifies five genetic themes crucial to keeping stem cells in a primitive, flexible state
May 31, 2007 -  Scientific American reports on new muscle stem cells identified by Dr. Michael Rudnicki's group
May 15, 2007 -  Legion Magazine profiles stem cell research at OHRI