Neuroscience Program


May 25, 2018- Researchers and support staff recognized at The Ottawa Hospitalís Excellence Awards ceremony
May 1, 2018- The Ottawa Hospital opens one-of-a-kind neuromuscular research centre
April 20, 2018- Could a molecule triggered by running help treat MS?
April 18, 2018- Could a skin cancer drug help treat stroke?
April 11, 2018- Can tiny bits of cells in the blood help track the progress of spinal muscular atrophy?
March 14, 2018- Freud-1 gene lives up to its name
March 2, 2018- Antidepressants and exercise in stroke recovery: surprising results from new mouse study
January 30, 2018- The Ottawa Hospital awarded $12.7M for research, double the national CIHR success rate
December 20, 2017- Stroke repair: study shows single pathway crucial for generating new stem cells, neurons and blood vessels
December 15, 2017- Researchers to test patient-centered approach to Parkinsonís care
December 13, 2017- Three Ottawa researchers among ďworldís most influential scientific mindsĒ
October 26, 2017- Top trainee hopes his unexpected discovery may help children with spinal muscular atrophy
October 25, 2017- Award-winning scientist challenges medical dogma in quest to prevent, treat neurodegenerative disease
October 12, 2017- CFI provides $18-million boost to research on neuromuscular diseases, cancer-fighting viruses, the power of light and radioactive atoms
October 11, 2017- New worm model sheds light on ALS
September 27, 2017- Ottawa neuromuscular researchers show global leadership
September 22, 2017- Extra maternal care prevents brain inflammation and reduces anxiety in mice
September 6, 2017- Ottawa scientist wins Canada's top stem cell prize for multiple sclerosis trial
July 28, 2017- Research suggests new anti-inflammatory approach for treating stroke
July 11, 2017- Dr. Paul Albert recognized for ground-breaking discoveries in mental health
June 15, 2017- Researchers get $558K boost from Heart and Stroke Foundation
June 14, 2017- Parkinsonís-related protein also protects against infections
June 2, 2017- Research on repairing MS damage gets $300,000 grant
June 1, 2017- Common acne medication shows promise in treating multiple sclerosis
May 19, 2017- The Ottawa Hospital awarded 18 research grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, worth $10.7 million
April 24, 2017- Worm study reveals the secrets of early spinal cord development
March 28, 2017- Prestigious Canada Gairdner Award honours Dr. Antoine Hakimís championing of stroke prevention and treatment
March 9, 2017- Nerve cells in our brains work together in harmony to store and retrieve short-term memory
March 1, 2017- Ottawa man tests new technology for stroke recovery
January 25, 2017- Grant helps researchers better study important young-onset Parkinsonís protein
January 5, 2017- Innovative computer tablet could help stroke patients recover
January 4, 2017- Information for patients: Chemo and blood stem cell transplantation for rare autoimmune diseases
November 2, 2016- Grant helps researcher investigate the mindís puzzles
October 11, 2016- Running triggers production of a molecule that repairs the brain in animal models of neurodegenerative disease
September 14, 2016- New model may lead to better treatments for depression after stroke
September 7, 2016- Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital awarded $472,000 by Ontario Research Fund
August 10, 2016- $145,000 to help researchers investigate how the adult brain grows new cells
June 22, 2016- $240,000 to help researchers tackle the challenge of preventing strokes
June 15, 2016- Experimental treatment gave new life to P.E.I. mother
June 9, 2016- MS breakthrough: Replacing diseased immune system halts progression and allows repair
June 1, 2016- Do the bodyís own marijuana-like compounds play a role in schizophrenia? $150,000 grant will help researchers find out.
May 4, 2016- Cardiovascular researchers get $1.2M boost from Heart and Stroke Foundation
March 31, 2016- Levodopa pumps new life into Ottawa Parkinsonís patient
March 2, 2016- Could an algorithm help treat bleeding strokes?
February 10, 2016- Ottawa researchers answer patient questions about stroke and stem cells
November 4, 2015- Research solves mystery of genetic risk factor for heart disease
October 28, 2015- Ottawa conference brings top researchers together to fight neuromuscular disease
September 16, 2015- Early intervention with iRecover could help stroke patients
September 9, 2015- Rare nerve disease linked to problems in cellular waste recycling
August 26, 2015- Novel genetic variant affects inflammation and may increase heart disease risk by 50%
August 21, 2015- New chair in spinal cord research brings hope for more first steps
August 19, 2015- Brain Health Awareness Week: September 14-19
July 28, 2015- The Ottawa Hospital awarded $28M from Canadian Institutes of Health Research for 22 research projects
July 7, 2015- Novel therapy seeks to bring light to post-stroke depression
June 30, 2015- Deep-brain stimulation brings a family doctor with Parkinsonís back from ďthe abyssĒ
June 17, 2015- Ottawa stroke researchers awarded nearly $500,000
May 27, 2015- $120,000 grant to help find ways to relieve cellular stress and prevent neurodegenerative diseases
May 13, 2015- Research linking Parkinsonís with the gutís appendix receives top award
May 5, 2015- Tender Loving Research helping people with multiple sclerosis
March 5, 2015- Drug to control appetite could also fight anxiety: Ottawa study
February 18, 2015- Tender Loving Research improving care for stroke patients
January 29, 2015- The Ottawa Hospital leads first Canadian clinical trial of mesenchymal stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis
November 26, 2014- Weston grants to accelerate development of new therapies for Parkinson disease and related dementias
January 15, 2014- Possible new approach for controlling appetite and obesity
January 8, 2014- Michael J. Fox Foundation grant funds way to peer at Parkinsonís onset
November 27, 2013- Multiple sclerosis patients to benefit from new drug
October 18, 2012- Ottawa medical hero named to Canadaís 2013 Medical Hall of Fame
March 9, 2012- Canadian research paves the way for possible new treatment for bleeding strokes
October 3, 2011- Smoking causes stroke to occur nearly a decade earlier, study finds
September 30, 2011- Dr. Anthony Bella named one of the Top 100 Alumni of the last 100 years by Wilfred Laurier University
September 27, 2011- Heart and Stroke Foundation Centre for Stroke Recovery receives multimillion dollar contribution to expand groundbreaking research
September 26, 2011- New research sheds light on relationship between inflammation, blood vessels and brain disorders
September 15, 2011- Neurosurgeon-scientist named one of Canadaís Top 25 Most Influential Women of 2011
September 1, 2011- New research sheds light on brain development
April 4, 2011- Study provides first link between two major Parkinsonís genes
February 25, 2011- New Parkinsonís gene discovered
February 23, 2011- Research reveals best approaches to evaluate bleeding in the brain
February 10, 2011- TIA patients with speech difficulties more likely to suffer from irregular heartbeat
October 29, 2010- Ottawa prevention clinic has huge impact on stroke rate, study finds
October 12, 2010- Top Parkinsonís researcher recruited to Ottawa
August 30, 2010- The Ottawa Hospital Establishes Canadaís First Menís Health Research Chair
June 7, 2010- Ottawa neurosurgeon named one of Canadaís Top 40 Under 40
November 26, 2009- $19.2M awarded to stroke research network led by OHRI / uOttawa scientist
February 22, 2009- OHRI stem cell transplant trial for multiple sclerosis profiled on national news
November 16, 2008- Dr. Mark Freedman interviewed about experimental mesenchymal stem cell treatment for multiple sclerosis
July 28, 2008- Discovery reveals link between Parkinsonís gene and red blood cell production
March 12, 2008- Vancouver Sun profiles patient in OHRI-led MS bone marrow stem cell transplant trial
January 21, 2008- The National features OHRI bone marrow stem cell transplant trial for MS
January 16, 2008- Ottawa researchers organize first national Parkinsonís disease meeting
December 15, 2007- OHRI researchers recognized for dystonia research
October 25, 2007- Top honours go to cancer and neuroscience researchers at the Ottawa Health Research Institute
July 5, 2007- Research reveals missing link in Parkinsonís disease and suggests new therapeutic target
June 4, 2007- Dr. Eve Tsai receives 2007 Young Clinician Investigator Award from the American Association of Neurological Surgeons