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Clinical research news and features

May 25, 2018- Research project aims to improve end-of-life care in the community
May 16, 2018- Colonoscopies save lives, but study finds room for improvement
April 18, 2018- Unique research database to improve care for thoracic surgery patients
January 19, 2018- Electromagnetic field therapy improves survival in brain cancer patients
November 2, 2017- Stem cells for septic shock: world-first trial establishes safety, sets stage for larger trial
October 24, 2017- New blood sugar monitoring a game-changer for pregnant women with type 1 diabetes
September 21, 2017- Does this liver surgery patient need a blood transfusion? New tool can help doctors decide
September 5, 2017- Innovative study brings next-generation genomic sequencing to more Ontario cancer patients
August 21, 2017- New Imaging Test Could Detect Heart Damage in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy
June 30, 2017- New treatment for our sickest patients comes closer to reality
May 11, 2017- Awards honour those who make cancer clinical trials a reality
April 26, 2017- Viral therapy for cancer: Frequently asked questions from patients and families
March 18, 2017- New blood thinner better at preventing recurrent blood clots than aspirin
March 16, 2017- Ottawa Heart Failure Risk Scale could save lives and reduce adverse events
March 1, 2017- Ottawa man tests new technology for stroke recovery
February 8, 2017- Is 3D Mammography more effective in detecting breast cancer?
January 17, 2017- Study finds 33% of adults recently diagnosed with asthma do not have it
January 5, 2017- Innovative computer tablet could help stroke patients recover
January 4, 2017- Information for patients: Chemo and blood stem cell transplantation for rare autoimmune diseases
November 2, 2016- Lung cancer breakthrough: 70% of patients with specific mutation respond to new therapy
October 18, 2016- “Invaluable” study confirms blood thinners don’t prevent recurrent pregnancy complications
October 12, 2016- $20 million grant to fund safety evaluation of new blood thinners
October 11, 2016- $2-million project aims to bring personalized medicine to lung cancer care
September 7, 2016- Immediate hormone therapy for prostate cancer is better than delayed: study
September 2, 2016- Could a "metabolic fingerprint" identify premature babies in developing countries?
June 1, 2016- Lizzie’s lungs: New mother with lung cancer spreads hopeful story
May 25, 2016- Clinical trials improve care at TOH and around the world
May 18, 2016- Immunotherapy harnesses our own immune system to fight cancer
April 26, 2016- Bench to bedside and back: basic and clinical scientists team up on potential cancer treatment
April 13, 2016- Dangerous infections slashed in cancer patients after implementation of electronic prescribing tool
March 31, 2016- Man survives severe infection after participating in world-first stem cell trial at The Ottawa Hospital
March 30, 2016- When cancer comes back: Drug for mantle-cell lymphoma gives patients more time
January 13, 2016- When is fainting a sign of a bigger problem? $730,000 grant to help researchers find out
January 6, 2016- Electromagnetic field therapy improve survival in brain cancer patients
November 26, 2015- CPR by medics: Keep pumping or stop for rescue breathing?
November 4, 2015- Inspire Awards recognize exceptional clinical research personnel
October 27, 2015- Countering the "Angelina effect": New study aims to understand and reduce fear of cancer recurrence
October 22, 2015- Drugs commonly used in kidney transplant patients not as effective as previously thought
June 2, 2015- Local teacher with brain cancer beats the odds thanks to ‘bionic man’ therapy
May 31, 2015- Research at The Ottawa Hospital is making Ontario Healthier, Wealthier and Smarter
May 13, 2015- Research linking Parkinson’s with the gut’s appendix receives top award
May 13, 2015- Cancer clinical trial team receives prestigious award for the 2nd year in a row
April 17, 2015- Ottawa stem cell scientist helps patients separate hope from hype
April 1, 2015- Tender Loving Research saving lives of people with cardiac arrest
March 25, 2015- Tender Loving Research helping people requiring blood transfusions
March 23, 2015- DNA test slashes wait times for tuberculosis diagnosis in Iqaluit
March 17, 2015- Old blood as good as fresh in patients with life threatening illnesses
February 18, 2015- Tender Loving Research improving care for stroke patients
February 18, 2015- Ottawa COPD Risk Scale could save Ontario $115M over 3 years
January 29, 2015- The Ottawa Hospital leads first Canadian clinical trial of mesenchymal stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis
January 20, 2015- Hospitalized for pneumonia? Your risk of cardiovascular disease is higher: study
January 14, 2015- Tender Loving Research improving care for critically ill patients
August 25, 2014- Researchers in Ottawa achieve breakthrough with rare disease: Stem cells used to send “stiff person syndrome” into long-term remission
December 4, 2013- Experimental lung cancer drug shows promise
December 4, 2013- Driving and dementia toolkit helps determine best time to “hang up the keys”
December 4, 2013- Regular exercise helps with side effects of chemotherapy
November 27, 2013- Multiple sclerosis patients to benefit from new drug
November 20, 2013- Research could solve prostate cancer controversy
August 8, 2013- New research led by Dr. Rebecca Auer suggests flu vaccine could help prevent the spread of cancer after surgery
August 8, 2013- Dr. Andrew Seely awarded patent for system that may allow earlier diagnosis of organ failure and systemic infection
April 2, 2012- Unhealthy habits are costing Ontarians 7.5 years of life: Study examines impact of smoking, alcohol, diet, physical activity and stress
March 22, 2012- Ottawa researcher spearheads major tuberculosis research effort in Nunavut thanks to CIHR funding
March 15, 2012- Ottawa researchers to lead world-first clinical trial of stem cell therapy for septic shock
March 9, 2012- Canadian research paves the way for possible new treatment for bleeding strokes
January 26, 2012- Ottawa Hospital researchers help launch two new clinical trials to evaluate CPR and drugs after sudden cardiac arrest
December 14, 2011- Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and CHEO Research Institute open new research centre dedicated to improving health and patient care
December 12, 2011- Study finds serious reactions to MMR vaccine are rare
December 5, 2011- C. difficile lengthens hospital stays by six days
December 1, 2011- International meeting advances the development of ethical guidelines for clinical trials
November 28, 2011- New research shows that second biopsy should be considered for some breast cancer patients
October 12, 2011- Early phase clinical trials shows promising results in advanced lung cancer
October 3, 2011- Smoking causes stroke to occur nearly a decade earlier, study finds
September 29, 2011- Research shows improvement in care for older people with high risk of fractures, but more work still needs to be done
September 26, 2011- Volunteers needed for 2011 flu vaccination study
August 31, 2011- Results of world-first viral therapy trial in Ottawa cancer patients published in Nature
August 31, 2011- World’s largest cardiac arrest trial shows longer period of initial CPR by paramedics and firefighters provides no benefit
August 22, 2011- New research shows most urgent hospital readmissions are hard to avoid
July 20, 2011- Ottawa Hospital researchers awarded $4.8M from Ontario Research Fund to advance regenerative medicine and patient safety
May 26, 2011- The University of Ottawa and The Ottawa Hospital to use promising “blue light” in major clinical cancer study
February 10, 2011- TIA patients with speech difficulties more likely to suffer from irregular heartbeat
January 13, 2011- Ottawa researcher receives major grant to fight tuberculosis in Nunavut
November 16, 2010- New research shows cystic fibrosis patients in Ontario are at risk for infection with dangerous strain of bacteria
November 15, 2010- New lead in the search for biomarkers for lung cancer treatment
October 29, 2010- Ottawa prevention clinic has huge impact on stroke rate, study finds
October 28, 2010- A step towards better stroke diagnosis
August 25, 2010- Seeing the world with new eyes: Biosynthetic corneas restore vision in humans
March 29, 2010- New index predicts survival for people with severe kidney disease and helps with difficult transplant decisions
March 24, 2010- Nine leading medical journals publish clinical trial reporting guidelines developed by Ottawa researcher
November 18, 2009- Improving care for people with neck injuries: Ottawa hospital-led study paves the way for worldwide adoption of Canadian C-Spine Rule
November 10, 2009- Ottawa researchers begin trial of H1N1 vaccine with adjuvant in people with HIV
August 19, 2009- OHRI / uOttawa research shows heart rate monitors could help detect sepsis earlier
July 2, 2009- Study points to need for more training in clinical trial design in China
April 30, 2009- OHRI awarded $12M for national network to translate clinical research results into better health
April 27, 2009- OHRI study shows automated telephone system can help in chronic disease management
April 15, 2009- Free access to Cochrane Library health information for all Canadians
February 22, 2009- OHRI stem cell transplant trial for multiple sclerosis profiled on national news
January 3, 2009- Turning research into medicine: Ottawa Citizen profiles OHRI CEO Dr. Duncan Stewart
November 19, 2008- Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw and Dr. Dean Fergusson recognized at OCRI Life Sciences Achievement Awards Dinner
November 17, 2008- Asthma may be over-diagnosed by up to 30 per cent, according to Canadian research study
November 16, 2008- Dr. Mark Freedman interviewed about experimental mesenchymal stem cell treatment for multiple sclerosis
October 29, 2008- Canadian researchers study inexpensive blood thinner as potential treatment for life threatening infection
September 1, 2008- Extensive screening of patients with blood clots may help detect cancer earlier
August 25, 2008- Simple rule may allow many women to stop taking blood thinners
June 19, 2008- Patients treated with novel regenerative therapy developed by Dr. Duncan Stewart
May 22, 2008- Promising results with cancer-fighting virus
May 14, 2008- Aprotinin associated with increased risk of death: Canadian trial published in NEJM compares three drugs routinely used to prevent blood loss during heart surgery
April 21, 2008- Massive Ontario paramedic study shows Basic Life Support as good as Advanced Life Support for patients with major trauma
March 12, 2008- Vancouver Sun profiles patient in OHRI-led MS bone marrow stem cell transplant trial
November 18, 2007- Dr. Phil Wells discusses his research on blood thinners on CTV National News
November 14, 2007- OHRI-led clinical trial demonstrates first evidence that new colorectal cancer drug saves lives
September 19, 2007- Dr. Shawn Aaron discusses his research on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on Insidermedicine (external link)
September 12, 2007- Dr. Mark Walker discusses his research on maternal and fetal health on Insidermedicine (external link)
August 2, 2007- Dr. Harry Atkins discusses an experimental therapy for multiple sclerosis on Insidermedicine (external link)

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