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Colorectal cancer

The Ottawa Hospital is conducting cutting-edge research to improve our understanding of colorectal cancer and develop better treatments. This page includes selected news stories about our colorectal cancer research, links to researchers working in this area and related resources. Learn more below.

Research News

Potential colorectal cancer treatment combines immunotherapy and viral therapy in a powerful new way
February 16, 2023 - Immunotherapy is revolutionizing the treatment of many kinds of cancer, but for colorectal cancer, success has been limited to patients with rare genetic mutations. To tackle this challenge, researchers at The Ottawa Hospital engineered a new kind of
ELEVATE seed grants to help researchers at The Ottawa Hospital develop better treatments and improve patient care
February 1, 2023 - The Ottawa Hospital’s Research Institute is awarding five ELEVATE seed grants to early-career researchers to spur the development of innovative treatments and better patient care.
Outside-the-box thinking saves young man with colorectal cancer
January 11, 2023 - When Dr. Auer left the exam room after meeting Haydn for the first time, she remembers feeling heartbroken, thinking about this young man’s life, his future, and the diagnosis he faced.
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Name Scientific appointment Diseases, conditions and populations of interest Research and clinical approaches
Ardolino, Michele
Senior Scientist
(Cancer Therapeutics)
Blood cancer, Brain cancer, Breast cancer, Cancer, Colorectal cancer, Head and neck cancer, Liver cancer, Lung cancer, Ovarian cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Prostate cancer, Skin cancer, Soft tissue sarcoma Basic research, Cancer immunotherapy, Cell therapy, Clinical research, Disease models, Immunization, Immunotherapy, Model organisms, Molecular and cellular biology, Transgenic/knockout models, Translational research
Auer, Rebecca
Senior Scientist
(Cancer Therapeutics)
Cancer, Colorectal cancer, Ovarian cancer, Pancreatic cancer Basic research, Cancer biotherapeutics, Cancer immunotherapy, Cell therapy, Clinical research, Clinical trials, Immunotherapy, Molecular and cellular biology, Oncolytic viruses, Peri-operative medicine, Quality Improvement, Surgery, Translational research, Viral therapy
Dennis, Kristopher
Clinician Investigator
(Cancer Therapeutics)
Cancer, Colorectal cancer, First Nations, Inuit and Métis Health, Gastric cancer, Liver cancer, Pain, Pancreatic cancer Behaviour, Biomarkers, Clinical research, Clinical trials, Cohort studies, Health professional behaviour change, Health services research, Palliative care, Pragmatic trials, Qualitative methods, Quality Improvement, Systematic reviews
Martel, Guillaume
(Clinical Epidemiology)
Anemia, Bleeding disorders, Colorectal cancer, Liver cancer, Liver disease, Pancreatic cancer Anesthesiology, Clinical research, Clinical trials, Peri-operative medicine, Surgery, Systematic reviews, Transfusions
Murthy, Sanjay
(Clinical Epidemiology)
Colorectal cancer, Crohn's, Gastrointestinal disease, Inflammatory bowel syndrome Clinical decision rules, Clinical research, Cohort studies, Epidemiology, Health economics, Health services research
Nair, Vimoj
Clinician Investigator
(Clinical Epidemiology)
Blood cancer, Brain cancer, Colorectal cancer, Gastric cancer, Liver cancer, Pancreatic cancer Cancer biotherapeutics, Clinical research, Clinical trials, Health technology, Imaging, Pragmatic trials, Quality Improvement, Translational research
Nessim, Carolyn
Clinician Investigator
(Cancer Therapeutics)
Cancer, Colorectal cancer, Gastric cancer, Gastrointestinal disease, Gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GIST), Soft tissue sarcoma, Skin cancer Biomarkers, Clinical trials, Gene expression, Immunotherapy, Surgery, Translational research, Viral therapy, Clinical research, Immunotherapy
Ramsay, Timothy
Senior Scientist
(Clinical Epidemiology)
Addiction, Alzheimer's, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Anxiety, Ataxia, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Autism, Bipolar, Brain and neuromuscular disease, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Colorectal cancer, Concussion, Cystic fibrosis, Dementia, Depression, Dystonia, First Nations, Inuit and Métis Health, HIV, Immigrant and refugee health, Influenza, Kidney disease, Lung cancer, Macular degeneration, Men's health, Multiple sclerosis, Muscular dystrophy, Myasthenia gravis, Obesity, Ovarian cancer, Parkinson's, Pulmonary hypertension, Septic shock, Spinal cord injury Artificial intelligence and data science, Behaviour, Biomaterials, Biostatistics, Cell therapy, Clinical decision rules, Clinical research, Clinical trials, Cohort studies, Critical care, Drug development, Emergency medicine, Epidemiology, Health professional behaviour change, Health promotion, Health research methods, Health services research, Health technology, Immunization, Immunotherapy, Palliative care, Patient decision aids, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Prevention, Psychology, Psychometrics, Public health, Qualitative methods, Quality Improvement, Regenerative medicine, Rehabilitation, Risk assessment, Shared decision making, Surgery, Surveys, Systematic reviews, Transfusions, Translational research, Transplantation, Viral therapy

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Clinical Trials

The following list of clinical trials is pulled from using the search terms "Colorectal cancer” and “Ottawa Hospital.” More advanced search options are available. If you find a clinical trial that interests you, you can bring the information to the next appointment with your care team and ask if you are eligible for the study. If so, they may be able to refer you to the study team. Visit to learn more about participating in research and clinical trials.

Note that is hosted by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and is only available in English. Please note that we cannot guarantee a response from the person listed in the ‘Contact’ column.

NCT05379595A Study of Amivantamab Monotherapy and in Addition to Standard-of-Care Chemotherapy in Participants With Advanced or Metastatic Colorectal Cancer (NCT05379595)Advanced or Metastatic Colorectal CancerRecruiting 
NCT05217446A Study of Encorafenib Plus Cetuximab Taken Together With Pembrolizumab Compared to Pembrolizumab Alone in People With Previously Untreated Metastatic Colorectal Cancer (NCT05217446)Metastatic Colorectal CancerRecruiting 
NCT04449874A Study to Evaluate the Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and Activity of GDC-6036 Alone or in Combination in Participants With Advanced or Metastatic Solid Tumors With a KRAS G12C Mutation (NCT04449874)Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Advanced Solid TumorsRecruiting 
NCT05538130A Study to Learn About the Study Medicine Called PF-07799544 in People With Advanced Solid Tumors (NCT05538130)Melanoma, Glioma, Thyroid Cancer, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Malignant Neoplasms, Brain Neoplasms, Colorectal CancerRecruiting 
NCT05355701A Study to Learn About the Study Medicine Called PF-07799933 in People With Advanced Solid Tumors. (NCT05355701)Melanoma, Colorectal Cancer, Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, GliomaRecruiting 
NCT00819208Health Education Materials With/Out a Physical Activity Program for Patients Who Have Undergone Treatment for High-Risk Stage II or Stage III Colon Cancer (NCT00819208)Anxiety Disorder, Cognitive/Functional Effects, Colorectal Cancer, Depression, Fatigue, Psychosocial Effects of Cancer and Its Treatment, Sleep Disorders, ExcerciseRecruiting 
NCT02906943Ontario-wide Cancer TArgeted Nucleic Acid Evaluation (NCT02906943)Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Melanoma, Gynecological Cancer, Genitourinary Cancer, Pancreatobiliary Cancer, Gastrointestinal Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, Rare Cancer, Unknown Primary,
NCT05546476Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Ponsegromab in Patients With Cancer, Cachexia and Elevated GDF-15 (NCT05546476)Non-small Cell Lung Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Loss of Appetite, Fatigue, CachexiaRecruiting 
NCT05428735The DRAGON 2 Trial (NCT05428735)Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases (CRLM), Small Future Liver Remnant (FLR)Recruiting 


The following research publications are pulled from PubMed using the search terms "Colorectal cancer" and "Ottawa Hospital", with publication date of 2020 or later. More advanced search options are available. Note that PubMed is hosted by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and is only available in English.

The 2023 Impact of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Canada: Cancer and IBD.

End-of-life interventions in patients with cancer.

Rivaroxaban versus Apixaban for Treatment of Cancer-Associated Venous Thromboembolism in Patients at Lower Risk of Bleeding.

Optimizing the number of variants tracked to follow disease burden with circulating tumor DNA assays in metastatic colorectal cancer.

Clinical and metabolomic characterization of Brivanib-Induced hypertension in metastatic colorectal cancer.

Syngeneic mouse model of human HER2+ metastatic breast cancer for the evaluation of trastuzumab emtansine combined with oncolytic rhabdovirus.

Protocol for the CoNoR Study: A prospective multi-step study of the potential added benefit of two novel assessment tools in colorectal liver metastases technical resectability decision-making.

Variations in Emergency Service Utilization among Cancer Survivors: Results from the Pan-Canadian Experiences of Cancer Patients in Transition Study Survey.

Evaluating the Time Toxicity of Cancer Treatment in the CCTG CO.17 Trial.

A radiomic biomarker for prognosis of resected colorectal cancer liver metastases generalizes across MRI contrast agents.

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